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What Do You Consider To Be A "Good" Photo?

Someone mentioned my style to me concerning this photo. Something in me is triggered when someone points out a photo as not being the favorite photo. I'm talking about being triggered in a good way! It almost satisfies me, in a way, to push the limits of what everyone deems a "good" photo. I am totally fine with people being drawn to my style of photography because of my unconventional photos. In fact, that is exactly what I want. I don't want to be known as the photographer who delivers perfectly placed, normally posed, flawless photos. I want to be known as the photographer who creates artwork. I want my captures to be on a level that makes people question. I want to live free from the box of normalcy in the world of photography. I want to produce art, and I am thankful for anyone who wants to go on this journey with me. I do this because I love it. I have focus on the business side of things a lot, but I need to keep in mind my real reason for creating. I LOVE IT. It's a passion. I'm want to simply live out this passion and create art in my own time and with my own style. Thank you to everyone who supports me. I hope to always deliver a special level of creativity!

Here are some more photos that I like to place in the category of "unconventional." If this is your style, let's book a session!

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