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Traveling To Florida For Family Photos

Being a traveling photographer is so much fun! I get to do what I love while also getting to see amazing places. This family session in Florida was my first opportunity to fly to a cool location just for family photos. I loved it! This was the furthest I had ever been into Florida, and the scenery did not disappoint. I was able to visit the Cape Canaveral National Seashore and see alligators and manatees in the wild for the first time. It was great!

family of three at beach

The Bohn Family contacted me and asked if I would be willing to travel to Florida to take pictures for their family while they were on vacation. Of course, my answer was yes. I live in northern Arkansas, so the closest major airports are Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, AR and Memphis International Airport in Memphis, TN. Flights out of Little Rock are typically more expensive because of the airport size, so I found a flight with Spirit Airlines, going from Memphis to Orlando, for under $100. The one catch is that I was only allowed one personal item, like a backpack. So, I stuffed everything I would need for this small, four-day trip into one backpack that would fit under the seat in front of me. Yes, this included my camera gear and laptop. It definitely was not the ideal way to travel, but it worked! I took my cousin with me on this trip, and she was able to pack everything in a backpack as well. Sometimes, you just have to have the will to make it happen.

I found an Airbnb in a neighborhood that was within walking distance from the beach. I like staying in places like this rather than in a hotel or condo. There is just something about staying in a place that feels more like a home that I love. The studio appartement style Airbnb that we stayed in was labeled "Beautifully Renovated Studio for 4, Close to Beach," and that was a true statement. It was very nice, and the walk to the beach was about 7 minutes. Feel free to click on the link to view this little spot. Also, let me know if you decide to book Alexander's place. I'd love to hear about it! We had a comfortable stay with many things to do within driving and walking distance.

I searched for a good spot to take the Bohn family for their tropical photo session, and I finally landed on the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. I love to hike, and there was a hiking trail near the location that I found. So, we decided to meet there. There was a parking lot (Parking Area 2) with easy access to a beautiful beach, and the hiking trail (Eldora Hammock Trailhead) was straight through the tropical Floridian jungle. It was AMAZING! I am so happy that I was able to use these locations for the family photo session. The photos just speak for themselves!

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to create art in a way that fulfills life. This experience wasn't only great for me personally, but it was also an unforgettable time for the Bohn family as well. Most people don't fly a photographer to an exotic location every single time they go on vacation. So, these photos and this experience will most likely be a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. I love being a part of that. I will admit that trying to plan a trip like this and stay under a certain budget can be very exhausting, but the memories and the final products (the family photos) are definitely worth the hassle.

Here is one more little gallery of some personal photos from the trip. I just have to share! This blog can do two things. It can inspire you to go out and adventure in either this amazing place or another on your bucket list. It can also inspire you to hire me to come take photos for you on your next vacation. Either one is fine with me!

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