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Here is where you will hopefully be able to find the answers to your questions. Of course, this is not a complete knowledge base, but it should be able to answer your basic questions about HCH Photos. If you have any other questions that you are not able to find the answers to on this page, please contact me. I'm happy to answer any questions that you have!

I specialize in senior photography, couple photography, and family photography.


My Approach To Senior Photos Senior photos are my favorite! I love being able to just hang out with someone and capture who they are, one on one. My vision for senior photography is to draw out the real person. A lot of teenagers are shy and awkward. That seems to be the common concern of parents. “My son doesn’t like his picture taken, and he probably won’t smile.” “My daughter is so awkward around people. I hope you can get her to come out of her shell.” Well, my job is to change their minds about what a photo session can be. I absolutely love it when a senior walks away from one of my sessions having actually enjoyed it, and they are excited to see the photos. That is the ultimate goal for me. I love to deliver a gallery that the whole family looks at and says, “Wow, Hunter really captured their true personality!” Senior photos do not have to be a chore. We will just hang out and have fun, and we can even do something crazy if you are into that. I absolutely adore adventure sessions. Let’s go on a hike, let’s explore an antique store, let’s take a boat ride on the lake. You name it, and I’ll be there. Those are the kinds of sessions that truly portray a senior’s natural, relaxed self. They are in their comfortable element. Real emotion can shine through, and the photos are on another level. That part, you will just have to trust me on. I honestly love senior photos, and I would love to be your senior’s photographer and friend.


My Approach To Couple Photos A couple is a beautiful thing. Two people who have fallen in love with each other, and they want nothing more than to be together. That’s a special thing. Each couple has their own dynamic, and the goal is to capture that in its purist form. A great way to bring that kind of emotion forward is to simply turn your favorite date activity into a photo session. Whether that be eating pizza in a local restaurant, hiking your favorite trail, baking desserts at home, or a fancy night out on the town; the things that make you a couple are the things that I want to capture. Adventure sessions are always the best option. They allow you to just be you. They allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable. They allow you to actually have a great experience on top of getting some amazing photos. Photo sessions are not ALL about the final photos. While that is the most important part, the experience is still very vital to the overall outcome. Having a fun, relaxed session where you get to do something that you love allows you and your significant other to make an entire memory out of this time in your lives, rather than simply checking off some random photos on your chore list. Let’s go create your perfect memory!


My Approach To Family Photos Family photography is one of the most saturated areas in the photography world. Everyone has done a family session or two even if it’s not really their thing. Families are everywhere, and family photos can start to run together as far as style and creativity goes. My vision for family photos is to bring to life those little details that most people either wouldn’t notice or that they would easily forget about. Each family holds something special. The way they interact with each other, the way they laugh, the way they love. It’s all unique to each family. Sometimes, just a simple touch of the child’s hand to the daddy’s face can speak 1,000 words. Those are the moments I want to capture. Yes, every family wants the, “Ok, everyone, look right here and smile. Keep smiling! I’m going to take a lot to make sure everyone’s eyes are open.” kind of shot. However, I want to capture more than just that. I want to capture the emotion of your family. I want to capture the hidden elements that may only mean something to you personally. I want to capture those photos that some people may see as poorly executed, but it holds a special treasure of a moment just for you. Frankly, the traditional family photos bore me. I thought that I was done with family photos until I realized that I could go far beyond the kind of family photography that everyone sees all the time. That’s when my mindset changed, and I started giving families frozen memories rather than just a “good photo.” Booking a family session with me will be relaxed and on your terms. I mean, I will obviously be running the show, but I will not be trying to force everyone to do all the things that they absolutely hate. I will just let you be YOUR family. Memories are far more important than good photos. Thank goodness, they go hand in hand, though. The best photos are of real, in the moment memories. My goal is to make your family photo session into a lasting memory. Then, you have those photos to look back on and actually reminisce about that specific time of life for you and your loved ones. Family photos do not have to be boring and drudgery. They can be an experience that you look forward to.

Do I Need To Pay A Deposit  To Book A Session?

Yes! The deposit will be 20% of the total cost after tax and travel. This will hold your date, and it is non-refundable. In the event of a major travel situation and a date that is pretty far into the future, I will wait until a closer date to charge travel costs because of unknown travel expenses. Therefore, this will be charged seperately from the original invoice with the required deposit. These travel costs will then be charged in full on the day of receiving the invoice. There will not be a deposit option.

Can I Order Prints Of My Photos Through You?

Yes you can! You will be given the option to order prints, canvases, and wall art through the gallery that will be sent to you. All of these physical products will come from Miller's Photo Lab. Miller's is a professional photo lab that only prints for photogrpahy businesses. Their work is extremely high quality!

Where Exactly Are You Located?

I am located around Batesville, AR. I live in Locust Grove, AR which is about 10 minutes from Batesville. I have lived in this area my whole life, so I consider Batesville to be my hometown. However, I will travel anywhere that I am paid to travel for HCH Photos. My service area is not limited to the Batesville area. If you come to me though, I know a lot of the good spots! I am in the eastern edge of the absolutely beautiful Ozark Mountains. This is my home and and where my soul feels connected. I am an Arkansas Ozarks boy through and throuhg. I love my home, and I would love for you to make a trip to my area for your photo session. I'll play tour guide!

Will There Be Props Used For My Session?

As a general rule, I don't use props in my photo sessions. However, if there is a specific prop that you would like, you are more than welcome to bring it. You can also ask me if I have something. I may be able to bring something simple, but no promises. Like I said, I generally shoot without props, so I don't have a bunch of props at my disposal.

What Are Your Travel Costs?

I love to travel, and I will go pretty much anywhere! I do not charge travel for work that is within a 30 mile radius one way. All work over 30 miles away will have travel costs added. I charge .85 cents a mile to drive. This covers gas, food, time, and other random travel costs. I also charge for the cost of anything extra such as hotel, flight, rental car, etc. These costs will vary depending on each situation. There will also be an expense for food at the amount $50 a day if the trip requires an over night stay, multiple nights stay, and/or a flight. Travel costs are subject to change depending on the different factors that play into each unique situation.

Am I Able To Order Prints Of My Photos On My Own?

Yes you can! You will be given the liberty to order photos through the provider of your choosing. However, not all photo labs are professional; such as Wal-Mart and Walgreens. You could end up receiving low quality prints. I suggest using for odering prints on your own. They are very fast and professional. Don't wait until the last minute and end up settling for low quality prints.

What Should I Bring To A Portrait Session?

For the most part, just bring yourself! I shoot outside most of the time, and I use natural lighting most of the time. Sometimes, I'll use my flash. I don't use props unless you bring them. So, if you would like to have something in your pictures, feel free to bring it. We will try to incorporate it into the session. If there will be a pet in the photos, it may be a good idea to bring treats or toys just to keep them happy and occupied.

What Is Your Videography Style?

I like to say that my video style is like a mini movie. If we are speaking of a wedding day, I simply video clips of the time that I am there and then put them together with music. Sometimes, depending on the preference of the bride and groom, I will add in things like the vows and letters to each other. I occasionally add sound effects, but that just depends on the situation. I follow the same process for my Cinematic Portraits. I just video a bunch of different clips of the person, couple, family, etc. Then, I put those clips together with music to make their mini movie.

perks of booking with me

No Photo Limit

There is no limit to the number of photos you will receive in your gallery. You will always have a healthy amount of photos, and you will never have to purchase extras.

Sneak Peeks

I will have a few sneak peeks ready to view within 1 to 2 days of your session, if my schedule permits. I know you will want to have something to drool over while the excitement is still high.

Print Store

You can order physical products from the print store directly inside your gallery. Your session price will include store credit that can be used to furnish your walls with your new favorite photos.

Changing Dates

There is no extra charge to move your session date if needed. I have a very flexible schedule, so moving the date should not be a problem, as long as I have an opening.

fun facts about me


God is at the center of everything I do, including running my business. I would be nothing without Him, and I am unashamed of that. Jesus is my rock and the reason I do what I do.


I love love love to travel, and I am up for just about any adventure. Traveling to cool locations for sessions is the dream. Let's make that a reality!


If there is one thing in life that I am more passionate about than photography, it's music. I sing and play the piano in church and in choirs. I also have a song on all of the streaming platforms.


I have a deep fascination with understanding how people think. Reading the tiniest of emotions is an unintentional hobby of mine. It comes in handy with getting to know my clients on the spot during sessions.

If I wasn't able to answer your question here, please send me a message!

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