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Hey, I'm Hunter.

HCH Photos was born out of my love of photography when I was a kid. Yes, I know that's the typical story for just about every single photographer, but it still rings true. I loved taking photos when I was younger, and it grew into what you see here today.

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my story

My approach to photography has changed a few times over my 10+ years, and I have finally landed in what I would call "my area." I love capturing authentic moments and real emotion rather than simply telling someone to smile at my camera. I guess my style could be described as "non-traditional, documentary photography." Basically, I will just be taking photos of what real life looks like for you. Throw in some creative prompts/posing and a warm/moody editing style, and there you have it.

A session with yours truly will give you a glimpse into what my personal life is like all of the time. I will probably overtalk and share childhood stories, but I will also be one of the most relaxed photographers you have ever encountered. I don't have a rigid schedule or major game plan. I will always be going with the flow and doing my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. That's one of my secrets to capturing portraits that reflect the real you. It's amazing what a friendly conversation can do.

I have spent many years and many hours building HCH Photos, but the truth is that HCH Photos is just me in business form. No tricks. No facade. If you know me, then you know HCH Photos, and that is something that will never change, no matter the lifespan of me and my passion.


Welcome to HCH Photos!

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We had the most fun taking pictures with Hunter! He’s so talented and has a passion for photography. Book a session with him and you won’t be disappointed!!


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I specialize in senior photography, couple photography, and family photography.


My Approach To Senior Photos Senior photos are my favorite! I love being able to just hang out with someone and capture who they are, one on one. My vision for senior photography is to draw out the real person. A lot of teenagers are shy and awkward. That seems to be the common concern of parents. “My son doesn’t like his picture taken, and he probably won’t smile.” “My daughter is so awkward around people. I hope you can get her to come out of her shell.” Well, my job is to change their minds about what a photo session can be. I absolutely love it when a senior walks away from one of my sessions having actually enjoyed it, and they are excited to see the photos. That is the ultimate goal for me. I love to deliver a gallery that the whole family looks at and says, “Wow, Hunter really captured their true personality!” Senior photos do not have to be a chore. We will just hang out and have fun, and we can even do something crazy if you are into that. I absolutely adore adventure sessions. Let’s go on a hike, let’s explore an antique store, let’s take a boat ride on the lake. You name it, and I’ll be there. Those are the kinds of sessions that truly portray a senior’s natural, relaxed self. They are in their comfortable element. Real emotion can shine through, and the photos are on another level. That part, you will just have to trust me on. I honestly love senior photos, and I would love to be your senior’s photographer and friend.


My Approach To Couple Photos A couple is a beautiful thing. Two people who have fallen in love with each other, and they want nothing more than to be together. That’s a special thing. Each couple has their own dynamic, and the goal is to capture that in its purist form. A great way to bring that kind of emotion forward is to simply turn your favorite date activity into a photo session. Whether that be eating pizza in a local restaurant, hiking your favorite trail, baking desserts at home, or a fancy night out on the town; the things that make you a couple are the things that I want to capture. Adventure sessions are always the best option. They allow you to just be you. They allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable. They allow you to actually have a great experience on top of getting some amazing photos. Photo sessions are not ALL about the final photos. While that is the most important part, the experience is still very vital to the overall outcome. Having a fun, relaxed session where you get to do something that you love allows you and your significant other to make an entire memory out of this time in your lives, rather than simply checking off some random photos on your chore list. Let’s go create your perfect memory!


My Approach To Family Photos Family photography is one of the most saturated areas in the photography world. Everyone has done a family session or two even if it’s not really their thing. Families are everywhere, and family photos can start to run together as far as style and creativity goes. My vision for family photos is to bring to life those little details that most people either wouldn’t notice or that they would easily forget about. Each family holds something special. The way they interact with each other, the way they laugh, the way they love. It’s all unique to each family. Sometimes, just a simple touch of the child’s hand to the daddy’s face can speak 1,000 words. Those are the moments I want to capture. Yes, every family wants the, “Ok, everyone, look right here and smile. Keep smiling! I’m going to take a lot to make sure everyone’s eyes are open.” kind of shot. However, I want to capture more than just that. I want to capture the emotion of your family. I want to capture the hidden elements that may only mean something to you personally. I want to capture those photos that some people may see as poorly executed, but it holds a special treasure of a moment just for you. Frankly, the traditional family photos bore me. I thought that I was done with family photos until I realized that I could go far beyond the kind of family photography that everyone sees all the time. That’s when my mindset changed, and I started giving families frozen memories rather than just a “good photo.” Booking a family session with me will be relaxed and on your terms. I mean, I will obviously be running the show, but I will not be trying to force everyone to do all the things that they absolutely hate. I will just let you be YOUR family. Memories are far more important than good photos. Thank goodness, they go hand in hand, though. The best photos are of real, in the moment memories. My goal is to make your family photo session into a lasting memory. Then, you have those photos to look back on and actually reminisce about that specific time of life for you and your loved ones. Family photos do not have to be boring and drudgery. They can be an experience that you look forward to.

add a cinematic portrait to your photo session

Cinematic portraits are an amazing addition to your session!

All cinematic portraits come with a custom 


Watson Family

Cinematic Portrait

Duration 2:41

Watson Family Cinematic Portrait

Watson Family Cinematic Portrait

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Cinematic portraits are simply breathtaking! Adding this one-of-a-kind video to your photo session is a decision that you will not regret. I have always had a love for videography on top of my passion for photography. Working toward a finished product with a video is so satisfying, and it’s even more satisfying when I get to create something that will be cherished by someone else. I fell in love with this style of portrait video, so I decided to start offering it to my clients. The results have been amazing and fun. These videos open up a whole different world of emotion. They allow you to relive those precious moments in a way that goes beyond a still photo. Cinematic portraits will only enhance your session experience. Adding a cinematic portrait to your session is easy. Simply tell me that you would like to add it, and it’s done! We will add a little extra time to your session, and I will make the magic happen with my cameras. This video package can be booked on its own as well. It does not have to be added to an existing photo session. If you want it, we can do it! I would be more than happy for you to add this special video to your session. Like I said, you won’t regret it!


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