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What It's Like To Take Senior Photos

Photographing high school seniors is definitely my favorite area of photography that involves people. In this blog, I am going to explain why I love to take senior pictures. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into my mindset when taking senior photos and ultimately persuade you to use me as your senior photographer!

Hanging Out Is Fun

I am the kind of person who loves to be friends with everyone. I don't have a super loud, all over the place, talks to everyone kind of personality, but I rarely meet anyone that I can't become friends with. With that being said, senior photo sessions allow me to do exactly that! I get to just hang out with the senior and his or her friends and family while we have a fun time of taking photos and getting to know each other. That's kind of a dream, honestly. I just get to make friends all over the place while making them feel special with my photos.

Making a session fun is a key element to having a good relationship with my clients and just simply enjoying my job. Senior sessions tend to have that sense of "fun" already built into them. This just adds to my love of senior photography. The stress level is significantly less when everyone is there ready to have a good time. This isn't the case with every senior session, but I can usually get them on board within the first few minutes. It all goes back to the relationships that I create with my clients.

It's Easier To Pose A Senior

Posing a family can be difficult. Some families don't enjoy doing the creative stuff. Head shots have a very limited number of poses. They are called head shots for a reason. Couples can definitely be fun to pose, but I have to keep in mind that I am working with two people instead of one. I also have to keep in mind what the couple is comfortable with doing. Seniors, however, come with the most posing freedom; if I can put it that way. It's much easier to pose one person, and I feel like I can be the most creative when posing a senior. I have recently been given compliments on my posing abilities. The funny thing is that I never really thought about my poses being THAT creative. However, I can guarantee that these compliments came from seeing some of my senior shots because that's where I feel the most creative. I feel like I can manipulate the pose and the shot at a much more fine-tuned level when I only have one person involved that is not quite set in their ways just yet! Lol

The Creative Juices Start Flowing

I mentioned having creative freedom with posing in the last paragraph, but honestly, I feel much more creative overall when shooting senior photos. There are so many creative things that can go into any session, and it's my job to have the ability to execute those ideas and bring them to life. I feel like that ability is greater with a senior. The stress level is down which allows the creative level to go up. I can start incorporating ideas that I typically wouldn't use with other sessions. I can go places that I normally couldn't go. I can use props that I normally couldn't use. Once again, I can use poses that I normally couldn't use. The entire session seems to reach a level of creativity that other sessions simply can't achieve. As a creative, that means a lot to me!

Personalities Shine Through

It's a lot of fun to play around with the different personalities that I deal with during senior sessions. Each senior brings something different to the table, or session in this case. Some like the outdoors, and some like the city. Some dress casual, and some dress flashy. Some love to laugh, and some hate to talk. Lol Some come ready for photos, and some have absolutely no clue what to do. Some show up with some props and/or example photos, and some leave the ideas completely up to me. These different personality types, and combinations of these, make for unique sessions. I try to make each session reflect the personality of the senior instead of just looking the exact same as all of my other sessions. Now, trust me, I am a firm believer in keeping a consistent style when shooting and editing every photo, but there is always room to allow the personality of my seniors to shine through!

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