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Wedding Videographer In Arkansas

Being a wedding videographer is literally one of the best things that I have been able to use my business for! I absolutely love the outcome of a wedding video, no matter how hard or difficult the process was to get to the finished product.

My Passion

For many years, I have loved video creation. I have fallen in love with story telling with video. It's an amazing way to express emotion that can't be expressed through photos. I started amateur video creating long before I had a professional camera. Actually, I used to video short clips of things with a Hero3 GoPro camera. I would then put them together, put music to it, and there you have it. This little interest of mine grew into something that I enjoyed doing very much. Then, one day, I got asked to do my first wedding video. That video is what truly started the wedding videography side of my business. People started notice my wedding videos, and they were a hit. From then on, they have been one of the major aspects of HCH Photo.

My Style

My style of video that I give clients can be compared to a "mini movie." I like to simply take video clips of the whole wedding day and place them together with music. I also like to add things like vows or personal letters as audio for some videos. As far as my the color and overall look of my videos, I like my video to looks similar to my photos. I tend to gravitate to a more flat look with lots of tans and browns throughout. My videos are very warm with an almost retro feel to them.

My Mission

I hope to keep creating wedding videos and other videos as long as HCH Photos is in business. I plan to learn more about video creation, I plan to learn more about my camera and other video equipment, and I plan to provide clients with beautiful videos each time. It's my job to create a piece of art that my client can cherish for the rest of their lives. I hope to live up to that and always provide quality videos.

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