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My Photography Style

A lot of photographers have a unique style. There are a few specific photographers that I can spot without even looking at their name. This is something that all artists should stive for. Style stands out in people's minds more than perfection. In this blog, I hope that I can explain my style and give you some great examples of my overall artistic vision for my photos. I also hope that I am one of those photographers that stands out in your mind!

The Color

I absolutely love warm photos. If you don't what "warm" means when it comes to photography, then let me explain a little. Yellows, oranges, reds, and browns are examples of warm colors. Blues, purples, and some greens are examples of cool colors. I try to keep a consistent look of warm colors across all of my images. My photos are filled with browns and tans and oranges and some darker greens. These colors give off warm feelings as a whole. I try to keep my basic edits as similar as possible. Then, I will adjust the necessary edits for each photo if needed.

It has taken me a while to arrive at this specific style. I have been growing my knowledge of photography and editing for around 14 years at this point, and I have drastically changed in my editing style within the last few years. I have learned so much more about editing, and I have learned so much more about what I like to produce. This warm, comforting, slightly moody, but also slightly calming color palette is what I have landed on, and I am so glad that I did!. These colors really do reflect my personality, and it's a crazy thought that I can sell art that comes straight from who I am as a person.

The Emotion

I love to capture what's real. Now, I know that photos need to be posed at times, and I understand that you can't always get these kinds of shots. However, these are the shots that I love. These are the shots that I strive for. I have recently adopted a saying (that I made up myself if I might add). "I strive for artistic shots with true personality shining through." This is exactly how I want to use my photos. I definitely do not work towards perfection. I think I might drive myself nuts if I did that. Some photographers are good at that, and that is perfect because it's their style. However, my style consists of imperfect, real emotion that is caught in the moment.

Here is a little pro tip that has nothing to do with my style. When searching for a photographer, always consider their style. The photographer should not be expected to change his or her style based on the preference of the customer. When you book a photographer for a session, you are purchasing their art. This is what they have worked on for years to perfect. So, the bottom line is to do your research before you book someone. You could end up hating final product due to differences in style preference. Find someone who produces the style that you like. TRUST ME... there are sooooo many photographers out there. You can find one that fits you!

The Locations

As a rule, I shoot primarily outside. I do not have a studio, and I do not use studio lights. My extent of artificial lighting is my flash (which I am becoming more and more fond of by the way). However, occasionally I will have to shoot something indoors. So, I have attached some photos showing some outdoor and indoor photography. I will say that I have become much more comfortable with shooting indoors. I used to be outdoors only, and then I would struggle through something that was inside if I didn't have the correct lighting. Now, with my handy dandy flash, I am really expanding into the indoor world. I know it kind of sounds ridiculous, but it's true! I am honestly not sure if I will ever have a legitimate studio or not. That is something that is too far in the future for me to tell. Also, who knows how I will feel about it further down the road. I just know that for right now, I am going to stick with my more natural style and leave the studio stuff to those who are great at it.

The Art

I would consider my photography style to be "messy." This is my way of showing artistic vision in my work. I love to capture things that probably wouldn't make sense to everyone. I like to capture photos that show someone or something going through the passage of time. I like to produce content that has a truly deeper artistic feel. I love to create vintage photos. I love to create timeless photos; photos that capture the real subject in the real moment. I love to capture moments that other people wouldn't thing about capturing. I like to document actions and facial expressions that wouldn't normally be considered "photo worthy." This is my artistic vision behind some of my shoots. Yes, a lot of shoots need to be more on a normal level with less "artsy" stuff going on, but I take every change I can get to create photos like these shown above. This is something that I hope my clients love just as much as I do. I hope to grow in this area and make my way into more of this style. The only thing I'm waiting on is you!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my own interpretation of my photography style. If you enjoy my style, then leave a comment telling me what you like about it. I hope to see you on the other side of my lens soon!

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