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My Big 2022 Surprise

For those of you who don't know, I received my 2023 Ford Bronco Big Bend in December of 2022. This technically has nothing to do with my business. However, it is my business that has made this possible, and I will be using this vehicle for my business... A LOT! Therefore, I am going to write about it. This is the story of how I was able to purchase a dream vehicle. The reason it is considered a surprise is because I did not expect it to be here this year. So, without further ado, let's get into the story!

The Ordering

I ordered my Bronco on 10/23/2021. Now, if you can do basic math, you can figure out that that is at least 365 days in the past. I was not "hard core" looking for a new vehicle at the time. I was simply looking around for fun. Then, I came across the new Ford Bronco that had been re-released in 2020. I think I knew they were being released again, but it wasn't a huge concern of mine. However, when I found one on Google that absolutely smote my heart, then I was hooked. I sent a text to one of my family members who works at a Ford dealership, and I asked him if he could get me one of those... partially as a joke. Because, like I said, I was not in the serious market for a vehicle; especially not a new one. He told me that they were basically impossible to get right then because Ford was so backed up with orders, and if you could find one on a lot, they would sometimes be priced around 10 to 20 thousand dollars over the original price. Well, for those of you out there who know what it's like to NOT be a millionaire, you know that that was not a great thing to hear. But, like I said, I wasn't completely serious at the time. However, as time went on, I got more serious about it. I figured out that the only was to get one at a normal price would be to order it. I went to the Ford website, and I built and built and built until I finally got what I wanted... or so I thought. Keep in mind that this was built with my price range in mind. I wasn't out here trying to snap my finances in half. I then decided to take the next step and actually place the order. This was a BIG deal for me. I had never purchased a vehicle on my own before, let alone a new one. Also, this whole decision was based on that fact that I was just randomly thinking about having something different to drive. So, like I said... BIG deal! Let's take it down to a serious note, though. I did not jump off into this decision without inviting God into my situation. I most definitely prayed about it before officially taking that step. You will see that this becomes a common theme in this story. So, in October of 2021, I ordered my Bronco!

The Wait

I learned that the estimated waiting time for a Bronco order was around 18 months. That means that I would not receive it until around April of 2023. This was obviously a long time to wait, but it gave me a sense of relief, I guess. Since I wasn't about to run the wheels off of my current vehicle, I wasn't in a huge rush to get the new one. Also, I am ALL about saving money, and this was a great way for me to be able to save up a good amount of money to use as a down payment for. So, I set off into my 18 month wait. (It feels so crazy to be typing this because it honestly doesn't seem that long ago.) During my waiting time, I would pretty much point out every Bronco that I saw. I probs drove people crazy by pointing them out. However, I tried to not get my hopes up too much about getting my Bronco. For one, it was so far in the future that it didn't even feel real yet; and, for two, I didn't want to be so excited about this huge life decision that may or may not backfire on me. Like I said, I don't currently hold "millionaire" status. I was simply keeping myself mentally in the bounds of reality instead of letting my want for this Bronco to completely blind me to what could actually happen. My usual instinct is to be impatient about something that I really want, but this was different. I felt a comfort in the wait. The rest of 2021 finished out, and 2022 started up. Honestly, so many things changed for me personally in 2022. So, the whole Bronco situation was just kind of a second thought. It didn't really feel like waiting because I didn't know for sure when it would be here. But, I was saving extra money every week, and I was periodically still praying about it. See there it is again. I was literally praying that I do not have to have this Bronco... I would just really like to have it if it's Your will... and stuff like that. Lol

Then, time rolled around to September. My mom was due for a new vehicle as well. So, she was shopping around and finally landed on getting a base model Bronco Sport. These are basically the small car version of the full size Bronco. Y'all may think I was jealous, but it was the exact opposite. Now for some backstory. My Grandpa had two Broncos when he was younger, and my mom and her twin sister drove one of them during high school. During my mom's senior year, my grandparents went bankrupt and had to basically sell everything... including those two Broncos. Those Broncos were special to them. So, needless to say, Broncos were a common topic. My mom being able to get at least some version of a Bronco again has been a good sentimental time. This is also why me getting a Bronco has been special.

The Change

This is where things were almost not what they are now. The color that I had originally chosen for my Bronco was what Ford calls "Area 51." It is a slate blue color. I loved it! However, during my wating period, I saw just a few Broncos that were painted with the "Eruption Green" color. When I first placed my order, I though I wouldn't care for that shade of green. Everything is different in person, though. But, I had already chosen Area 51, and the date to make any changes had come and gone a long time before. Then, (also in September) I got a call from my cousin at the dealership. His message to me was that Ford was opening up the order again to make changes because of the model being changed from a 2022 to a 2023. I quickly decided that I wanted to go with Eruption Green and one other change. My order was locked back into place. Little did I know that Eruption Green would literally be the best color that I could have chosen. It's basically me in color form. If you know me well, then you know this to be true. I think this was literally the Lord knowing that if I was going to make this big of a decision, then it better be exactly what I want. Lol See, there we are again with God just working even the little things out. Also, during this phone call with my salesman, I learned that my price would stay where I locked it in at during 2021. So, I was getting a 2023 Bronco for a 2022 price. You can image how I felt about that! Do I really need to point out again that that had to be God working it out?! The wait really was the best thing that could have happened.

The Surprise

I was just chillin' with my new found information about the changes that had been made, and I was fully expecting to wait until April or May for my Eruption Green Bronco. Then, on October 27th (almost an exact year from my order date) I got an email that said my Bronco was scheduled to be built during the week of November 28th. I was kind of floored. That meant that I had to start getting things ready for a new vehicle. The REAL wait was on, then. I actually had an official date to look forward to for something. Everything went as planned for the build. After it was built, I learned that it was scheduled to be delivered between the 24th and 30th of December. THAT'S A LOT SOONER THAN 18 MONTHS! So, I eventually sold my vehicle that I was driving at the time, I drove my mom's old vehicle that she had just recently stopped driving, and I set myself into hard core waiting mode. On December 28th of 2022 is when I got the call that my Bronco was at the dealership. This was one year, two months, and five days. And, even though my wait time was shorter than I thought, I was able to save up more money than I thought I could. I sold my old vehicle for probably more than I should have been able to sell it for. (no, I didn't rip anyone off in case you were wondering) Also, the dealership gave me a fair interest rate for the current time, and I am felt extremely blessed at the end of it all! I was not in the place to have a new vehicle in October of 2021, but God made sure that everything was in place for the right time. For that, I am beyond thankful.

So, needless to say, this has been a big year. I've said just about all I can say about it. I will tell you this, though. I went to my Grandpa's house to tell him my Bronco was in, and he was so so excited. I came back to his house later that day, and he took me to go pick up my new vehicle. He was also the first one to go on a ride with me in it. That's more special to me than anyone will ever know. I only wish my Grandma was there to ride right along with us. I've gotta stop typing so I won't cry. Have a good New Year everyone!

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