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Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I am not normally a newborn photographer, and I never shoot lifestyle. However, in this session I was able to do both, and I'm a fan!

If you follow my photography at all, then you know that my style involves a lot of outdoor stuff. I shoot in nature almost 100% of the time. And the times that I'm not right in the middle of nature, I am still outside. I don't have a physical studio where I set up backdrops and such. I just leave my scenery and lighting up the the elements. This kind of shooting has taught me how to adapt to many different lighting situations and weather changes. I truthfully feel the most comfortable when shooting outside, and I have an immense love for the outdoors. Therefore, that is where I land, and I have been able to create a brand around it. I absolutely love that.

So, with all of that being said, I don't do lifestyle shoots... ever. I am not apposed to them. In fact, I LOVE how they look, and I want to do more of them. That's just not where I'm at at the moment. I am usually up for pretty much anything though, so of course I said yes when this mom asked me to do newborn pictures. They either had to be outside or lifestyle because of my "lack of physical studio" problem. Like I said, it isn't my specialty, but I was up for it! I didn't expect to get pictures like this though.

I will say this... After this session, I am looking forward to doing more and more lifestyle shoots. They don't necessarily have to be newborn pictures. I am just falling in love with this style. I am enjoying the emotions coming from those faces while they are comfortable in their own home. I'm a fan of the "unplanned" and "random" when it comes to photos, and I try to make the best of any shot; even if it's not a typical one. So, these lifestyle photos have really made their way into my heart. They are special in a different way. They show the literal "lifestyle" of a family or a couple or children. I hope to shoot more of this style in the future! I mean... why not?

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