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How I Approach A Senior Session

Senior sessions are my favorite! If you follow me or know me personally, then you know this to be true. Senior sessions really are so much fun for me in a number of ways. Hopefully, I can explain my workflow with a senior and give you some insight into what you will get when booking me for senior pictures.


So, let me just give you a rundown of how I interact with my seniors. First of all, I love senior sessions for the simple fact that I get to just hang out with someone for an amount of time. I take pictures, and they model. It's just a great time! I enjoy making friends, and I tend to be able to make friends in most situations. I try to engage with the senior on their level while always just being real and being myself. People can sense when there is a fakeness about a personality. One of the ways that I choose to live my life is that there is no reason to ever be fake in any situation. This applies to how I handle seniors during a session. I try to make it fun for them in a way that reveals who I truly am and in a way that fits their personality. This creates an instant friendship that they probably didn't expect to receive that day.


My workflow can be kind of chaotic, if you want to know the truth. However, I mean "chaotic" in the best way that I can. I like to do things at random. I do not come to a session with a clear, thought-out plan of how every little detail and shot is going to go. Frankly, that's boring to me and would completely stress me out. A lot of the most creative senior photos that I have taken have come from a time of random decision making in the moment. These can truly be the best shots ever, and they did not require contemplation beforehand. I like to do things that the seniors themselves like to do. Obviously, I guide them on their poses and such, but it's not a true senior session (or any kind of session for that matter) unless the personality of the subject shines through. Therefore, I try to get candid shots, I try to incorporate things that the senior enjoys, I try random ideas after getting to know them and what they are comfortable with, and I also leave some things up to pure chance. I know this kind of workflow does NOT work for everyone, but I feel the most creative freedom when working in this manner. Uncharted creativity is the best creativity!


The only preparation advice that I can give concerning my senior sessions is this. Come expecting to be random, and come expecting to get to know me on a personal level. I take photos mainly outdoors, so don't expect a studio session. I am a calm person for the most part, but I can get a little excited about photography. So, come to the session knowing that we are going to have fun!

I would love to do yours or your child's senior pictures! If you would like to book a session or see my session prices, please click one of the buttons below. I look forward to seeing you on the other side of my lens!

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